This is part #1 for a 2 part series called „characters that inspire me to write“. Part #2 will be linked here, once it’s up.

I am a huge TV show junkie. Honestly, my watch-list just grows bigger and bigger with every new TV show each year, and let’s not even talk about my Netflix queue and all the things I re-watch constantly, because I crave some TV shows when I’m in a certain mood. (e.g. I re-watch Chuck when I have to study, and White Collar if I need a pick me up, and Big Bang Theory in bed when I want to sleep… etc…)

But as a writer I not only get lost in TV shows, I also always think: „I want to write that. I could write that. I wish I would have written that.“ Most of the time I go „I want to write characters like that.“ You know, the well rounded once, that find a place in your heart even when they act like total jerks (or especially because they act like jerks). Characters that feel like they’ve been with your forever, like they are your best friend, your childhood sweetheart, you want them to be your big brother, the one who takes care of you, cares about you, and will break somebody’s bones if they hurt you.

I want to write characters like that. This is my list of Characters that evoke that kind of feeling inside of me. Part #1 is characters that did that in 2014, in new shows or new seasons. Part #2 will be characters from before then, those that have stuck with me for a long time. Allons-y:
(I’d say these are in no particular order, but I’d be lying. My favourite favourites are at the bottom. 😉 )

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Header image by Thomas Hawk

Honorable Mentions:

Jake Novak [Girlfriends‘ Guide to Divorce]

paul1 paul2

Mark Latimer [Broadchurch]

mark1 mark2

Charlie Bradbury [Supernatural]

charlie1 charlie2

#10 Emmett Bledsoe [Switched at Birth]

emmett1 emmett2

#09 Leo Hendrie [Chasing Life]


#08 Blaine Anderson [Glee]

blaine4 blaine1
blaine2 blaine3

#07 Mozzie Haversham [White Collar]

mozzie1 mozzi2
mozzi3 mozzi4

#06 The Bravermans [Parenthood]

braverman1 braverman2
braverman3 braverman4

#05 Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock]

Sherlock4 Sherlock1
Sherlock2 Sherlock3

#04 Sheldon Cooper [The Big Bang Theory]

sheldon0 sheldon1
sheldon3 sheldon2

#03 The Doctor [Doctor Who]

dw11 dw11-1
dw10 dw12

#02 Walter O’Brien [Scorpion]

walter1 walter2
walter3 walter4

#01 Neal Caffrey [White Collar]


Which characters inspire you? Which characters do you wish you would have written?

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