Amy: What do you mean it’s a statue when you see it? – River: The Weepings Angels can only move if they’re unseen. So legend has it. – The Doctor: No, it’s not a legend, it’s a quantum lock. In the sight of any living being, the Angels literaly cease to exist. They’re just stone: the ultimate defense mechanism. – Amy: What? Being a stone? – The Doctor: Being a stone… until you turn your back.

doctor_who_s5_e04_The_Time_of_Angels_0528Back in the day, when I was very young and I was blogging on LiveJournal (is that site still alive?) I was obsessed with doing picspams of almost every Doctor Who episode I have ever watched. I thought I could bring some of this back, not so much spamming you with pictures, but looking for a conversation. Some comfort from people who miss Matt Smith/Eleven just as much as I do, sometimes.

doctor_who_s5_e05_Flesh_and_Stone_0934Because I do, sometimes. It’s those Saturday nights when nothings on the telly and you scroll through Tumblr and there’s an ancient post, a gif, a quote from one of your favourite episodes. Or YouTube randomly suggests you rewatch an old video. In this case, the Doctor Who bloopers from Season 5. And seriously, who can resist to click on Matt’s face when it pops up somewhere? (ok, that sounded way creepier than it was supposed to).

The angel is full of forests…

doctor_who_s5_e04_The_Time_of_Angels_0835Usually I go for the classics, „The Eleventh Hour“ or „The Pandorica“ or the likes, those with Matt’s big scenes. But I can recite them by heart, and just was in the mood for something different. So I went for one of the blooper episodes, „The Time of Angels“ + „Flesh and Stone„. Realizing that I forgot how amazing these two episodes are.

doctor_who_s5_e05_Flesh_and_Stone_0862 doctor_who_s5_e05_Flesh_and_Stone_0934

Especially if it’s all about missing Matt/Eleven, these episodes have got it all. He is going through his complete repertoire of mood swings/emotions. All of Matt’s strong points as the Doctor are there. Angry, caring, protective, scared,… gosh I miss Eleven. We also get to see the fun River/Doctor relationship, the banter and everything, that I like a lot more than the romance turn it takes later on in the series. There’s also Amy. Even though it gets weird toward the end of „Flesh and Stone“, she is a really strong character in this episode. They all are.

It’s scenes like these that make me miss Matt the most. Also Amy. They had such a special relationship. But Eleven also had a way of being really understanding when it came to humans and fear, even in his darkest times. Knowing just the right thing to say, and just the right way to say it. (even if he has to go back in time to get there)

enigmaticwho1 enigmaticwho2

A forest in a bottle in a spaceship in a maze. Have I impressed you yet, Amy Pond?


These are also some really, really pretty episodes. The beach, the underground maze and especially the forest. With the lighting and the angels, it is sure to give you nightmares. It will also make you feel a little paranoid to walk around in a forest all by yourself. And we’re all scared of statues ever since the angels showed up anyway, right? But just imagine, all the humanoid statues you walk past every day in real life. How many of them are dormant angels? How many of them could potentially be dangerous? There’s a reason why the weeping angels are my 2nd favourite villains of Doctor Who. (in case you are wondering, 1st are the Vashta Nerada)

enigmaticwho3 enigmaticwho4

So yeah, I just wanted to fangirl a little bit and have a pity party over missing Matt as the Doctor. You can carry on now.


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