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Top 10 Characters We Wish We Could Check In With

[TV Edition]

(meaning, the book or series is over and you so just wish you could peek in on the „life“ you imagine they are leading years down the line after the story ends)

I loved this theme so much for books, I just had to do a TV edition. 🙂

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#10 Honourable Mentions

Because I couldn’t decide on just ten, these are four that I don’t necessarily want the TV show to go on, but I would love to know more about what happens to them…

a.) Drew [Charmed]

charmed-again charmed-again1

b.) Bryan and David [The New Normal]

rooneymara1 rooneymara

c.) Dexter Morgan [Dexter]

pansexualcoholic1 pansexualcoholic

d.) Ned [Pushing Daisies]

leepacey1 leepacey

#09 Clay Evans [One Tree Hill]

it’s not just him, though he is my favourite, everyone in One Tree Hill has a special place in my heart. I wonder what happended with Jamie, the twins, Clay and his little boy…

ithinkimightveinhaledyou ithinkimightveinhaledyou1

#08 Logan Huntsberger [Gilmore Girls]

You jump I jump Jack! Absolutely fell in love with him, wish it had all ended differently for him… I want to know how he moved on. Maybe they reconciled, who knows…

gilmorgirls gilmorgirls2

#07 Chandler [Friends]

I think I’m mostly curious how their kids would have turned out, and how Chandler would have handled that… but of course also if he and Monica would have stayed „happily ever after“ together…

chandlerthebing chandlerthebing1

#06 The Bravermans [Parenthood]

I just miss them already, all of them!

braverman1 braverman2
braverman3 braverman4

#05 Firefly Crew [Firefly]

Everyone can relate to this, right? The need to know what happens to all of them after the show got cancelled, that one movie just isn’t enough…


#04 Logan Echolls [Veronia Mars]

Luckily we have the books now, I just wish he’d play a bigger part in them…

winterfel winterfel1

#03 Morgan Grimes [Chuck]

Morgan was always my favourite on the show, Chuck was an experience I’ll never forget, and I’ll never stop wondering where they are now…

isobelstevenz1 isobelstevenz

#02 Joseph Kostan [Moonlight]

I know this seems odd, especially ranked this high in the list. But I will never get him off my mind, I even based an original novel on his „life“…


I wasn’t looking for it, believe me. The longer we were together, the more I began to think that the whole reason that I became a vampire was, you know, so I could live long enough to meet her. It took me over 350 years to find her and only a year to lose her forever.
#01 Neal Caffrey [White Collar]

Always my #1 – I miss him already – tous mes voeux a Paris Neal!


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